Watershed - Songs from the Shed

Track list: All of the people : Insulation : Wire : Wheel : Restless soul : The Cord : Living Yours : Hold the line : Strange : Right thing : Just for one day.

Label: Think Tank Records

Price: 0.79p per track or £7.99 album on download from ITunes or £10 CD at gigs

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  1. Douglas Payne11:22 am

    "Songs From The Shed is the sound of a band at ease with each other, at ease with their instruments and at ease with their own Southeastern groove that harks back to the southern harmony-rock of America’s south, the west coast melodies of early 70s Los Angeles and the gritty funk of New York City. Think: Jackson Browne and Carol King… Stevie Wonder and The Band… The Staple Singers and Creedance Clearwater Revival.... However, mention must also be made of the occasional quirkiness of the writing and production which has roots far closer to home.... visions of Syd Barrett or The Incredible String Band flow beautifully through the imagination. I think somebody once said that “you can take the band out of England, but you can’t take the England out of the band."