CRACKNELL, Vic - Nowhere to Somewhere

Reviews: Vic Cracknell is a bit of a gem. Thanks to him and his “open mic” nights, up and coming musicians in the local area can have a go at performing in front of a live audience. He also performs locally himself – if there is a local music festival you can be pretty sure Vic will be behind the mic at some point.
  And now he has brought out an album Nowhere To Somewhere. This is a friendly accessible, and (for the most part) happy album which is firmly in the Easy Listening category. There are upbeat numbers like Six Stops On The Tube which reminds us to stop rushing so much; quieter reflective ones – Quiet Contemplation, A Time For Us To Love; every-day (and slightly banal) ones such as It’s A Song; and a poignant reminder of the personal tragedy of war in Never Again which remembered Vic’s own grandfather. The whole album has a warm personal feel and a sense that Vic is a man who enjoys what he is doing. And as the best track on the album says Life’s Better When The Sun Shines.”
- Farnham Herald - June 2010



Availability: by download from Amazon, CDBaby, ITunes, or Napster,
or direct from Vic Cracknell at one of his gigs. 

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