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Beautiful Losers - As the Crow Flies

Track list:

Label: Unsigned

Beautiful Losers - High in the Tall Grass

Track list:

Label: Unsigned

Ben & Amy - New Food to Eat, The

01: Mess                              12: My Leg Hurts                    
02: Horn Song                     13: Denison's Country Grill
03: Fairy                              14: Song For the Cheese
04: Mockney Patois             15: Pork Balls
05: Dustbin                           16: You've Wasted a Ball
06: Factory                           17: Jelly TV
07: Henry                              18: Bob is Having an Operation
08: Wrong                             19: Blue Bees
09: Help the Itchy                  20: My Grandfather was a Chair
10: Trousers                         21: The New Food to Eat.
11: Somewhere

Review: Ben & Amy's music is a quirky mix of sampled sound effects, spoken/shouted words, keyboards, guitar and several other unidentified instruments. Try and imagine a Jean Michel Jarre concert, done on the cheap, in a farmyard full of animals/friends/machinery, and you begin to understand. Don't get me wrong, I'm a great fan of the French wizard, and this album conjures up a similar stream of consciousness.
Label: Sound Couldron?


BERRY, Philippa - Sooner or Later

01: Standing In The Sun
02Sooner Or Later
04Which Way Will It Go?
05You Make My Day



Blackheart - Indigo

01: Wonderland                        07: Somewhere in a dream
02: Flowers for tomorrow        08: Don't look down
03: 94 years                              09: In America
04: one of one                          10: Unlike water
05: Indigo                                  11: Darkest of days
06: 01204                                  12: Blue flowers for tomorrow


Label: Sugar Tree Records



Blazing Homesteads - Another Country

01: Lost without your love        09: You've got your friends 
02: Easily led                            10: Lakeview man
03: Love is a rose                    11: Living in the dark
04: Time and the heart            12: Union song / Donkey reel
05: Flowers
06: Americana '68
07: Strip the willow
08: Insincerity

Label: Unsigned

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Blazing Homesteads - Crazy Ways

01: It ain't gonna rain                                  10: Home all night
02: Face the day                                         11: Down & out again
03: Mostly water                                          12: Johnny come lately
04: Somebody's baby                                  13: Edith
05: When the summer comes 
06: Crazy way (to spend a Friday night)
07: Kerosene
08: Papillons / Perrodin two-step
09: Lookin' for the time (working girl)


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Blow Ups, The - E.P.

Track list: Planet of your Own : Do I Offend You? : More Than This : Rock Out